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Che Piasi'
che piasi

Made by three ingredients only, a real treat for the palate.

Spreadable hazelnut cream made from the union of three ingredients only: hazelnuts (53%), sugar and cocoa (7%). A real pleasure for the palate, in Piedmont it is said Che Piasì - as good as it gets.


Open the Amurin - the jar - and taste its delicate flavour.

Spreadable cream made by hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa and milk . Once opened the Amurin - the jar - in piedmontese dialect, its delicacy combined with sweetness will make even the children to fall in love with it.


Butter made by 100% hazelnuts. Parlapa’ - to be speechless.

Pure hazelnut paste. 100% hazelnuts are used, the result is surprising. Piedmontese people say Parlapa’ - to be speechless. The semi-finished product is particularly appreciated by confectioners and by all those outstanding cooks.

sachet 1

Toasted hazelnuts, packed in the Sachet - the bag.

Toasted hazelnuts, carefully selected one by one and packed in the Sachet - the Piedmontese bag.

Tanti Toc
tanti toc 1

Toasted hazelnuts chopped to Tanti Toc - many pieces.

Toasted hazelnuts chopped to Tanti Toc - many pieces in Piedmontese dialect. It is possible to choose the most favourite size between 1 and 5mm.

Beica Ti
beica ti.jpg 1 1

Hazelnut flour. Beica Ti - what a suprise.

Flour made from hazelnuts, finely toasted in order to preserve the fruit’s oil. Used in many pastry recipes, it is also matches perfectly savory creams, soups, first courses, meats and vegetables. Beica Ti is a piedmontese expression used in surprising context.

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espression of the LANGHE

Our selection of products, as well as their names, is a pure expression of the territory in which they are born, the Langhe. Each product has been given a name that is a commonly used Piedmontese expression to strenghten their link with this charming land.

All recipes are the result of the combination of passion and experimentation in our laboratory.

Try the PGI Piedmont Hazelnut in its best version and find out which is your favorite.

You can chop hazelnuts up as a topping for yogurt or gelato, mix them into your favorite cookie or homemade granola recipe, or snack on them right out of the bag. Hazelnuts are also an ideal choice for your aperitivo.